Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery (Single Port)

Ileal Interposition is a metabolic bariatric surgical procedure used to treat diabetic patients who also suffer from overweight. Human small intestines have three portions, jejunum, caecum and ileum. Under Ileal Interposition, ileum is positioned between stomach and the contiguous part of the small intestine without disturbing the natural contents of the stomach. Sleeve Gastrectomy is the standard procedure for Ileal Interposition. The process is vital for patients with type 2 diabetes.


Under the Sleeve Gastrectomy, there are two procedures for Ileal Interposition: diverted and non-diverted.

Under the diverted method, the link between the stomach and duodenum is closed and a major portion of ileum is connected to duodenum at the stomach end. The other end is connected with the proximal portion of the small intestine.

The second method is the non-diverted interposition, where a small portion of the ileum is interposed with the proximal section of the small intestine so that the food can pass through entire small intestine.

The surgery is done by highly proficient surgeons for a long duration sometimes more than three hours and close to five hours.

Ileal Interposition for diabetics becomes crucial as diabetes and obesity are interlinked. Due to obesity, diabetes and related complications become more intense putting heart and cardiovascular systems to serious risk. This bariatric method is very important when the blood sugar levels are running into dangerous proportions increasing the risk of organ damage. The treatment, however, cannot be extended to patients with lower body mass index.


Complete medical investigations and checkup

Hospital stay a day in advance may be recommended

It is important to consult the doctor about the diet


Hospital stay for two days to monitor improvement, bleeding

Diet to be regulated by the doctor for some period


Reduces weight

The surgery is meant to determine metabolic activity and bring desired results for the obese diabetics

It increases GLP 1 ranges and regulates insulin secretion

Reduces ghrelin levels

Reduces hepatic glucose

Calorie restriction.

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