shoulder joint

What are some types of shoulder injury?

1.     Shoulder ligament tear

2.     Shoulder dislocation

3.     Joint separation

4.     Fractures

5.     Tendonitis


The evaluation parameters are:

1.     Assessment of medical history to gather insight on current complaints

2.     A physical examination to determine swelling,tenderness,range of motion,and/or deformity of the shoulder

3.     X-Rays

4.     Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)

5.     Computed tomography (CT)


Your orthopaedic surgeon will review the results of your evaluation with you and discuss the best treatment. Some surgical procedures require hospitalization for a number of days. You may need to either stay in an extended care facility or have someone help you when you return home.

-       It allows the orthopaedic surgeon to insert a pencil-thin device with a small lens and lighting system into tiny incisions to look inside the joint.

-       The images inside the joint are relayed to a TV monitor, allowing the doctor to make a diagnosis

-       Open surgery often can be done through small incisions of just a few inches.

-       Recovery and rehabilitation is related to the type of surgery performed inside the shoulder, rather than whether there was an arthroscopic or open surgical procedure.

When preparing for surgery,the following must be kept in mind:

1.     No food or drink must be taken after midnight,the day before the surgery

2.     Discuss with your doctor what to do about medications taken in the morning.

3.     An hour before surgery, you will be assessed in the preoperative area by a nurse anesthetist or anesthesiologist. They will check your blood pressure,and other basic vitals to declare you healthy for administering of anesthesia.

4.     Please mention to the Doctor and Anesthesiologist of any possible allergies you may have.

The possible complications after shoulder arthroscopy,shoulder dislocation surgery or open surgery are:

1.     possible infection

2.     damage to the surrounding nerves and blood vessels

3.     Pain,tenderness and swelling are normal reactions.

4.     If there is any form of increasing pain,warmth,swelling,numbness or unusual bleeding,the Doctor must be intimated immediately.

It is important that you continue a shoulder exercise program with daily stretching and strengthening. In general, patients who faithfully comply with the therapies and exercises prescribed by their orthopaedic surgeon and physical therapist will have the best medical outcome after surgery.

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