Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure where nose is reshaped, corrected or its angle changed. The cosmetic surgery involves either reducing the size of the nose or increasing it. In other cases, bumps, crookedness and indentations are rectified and also angles are reworked by cosmetic surgeons with respect to upper lip, and the tip of the nose is altered too. There may be various reasons for nose correction or Rhinoplasty that range from enhancing the look to correcting nose for breathing and congestion problems.


Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery where nose is treated through incisions made to access the bones and cartilages of the nose. As per the requirement bones and cartilages are removed or new tissues are added. The new tissues are picked from other parts of the body. After this, the skin is rearranged over the nose and a splint is parked outside the nose till it heals. Cosmetic surgeons undertake Rhinoplasty and the surgery may take three to four hours depending on the kind of cosmetic correction. A simpler surgery on nasal tip takes one to two hours.

Cosmetic surgery for nose is done in multiple cases where the nose needs to be corrected or reshaped for better look as per the preference of the person. There are also accident cases where nose requires cosmetic and plastic surgery.

Extreme cases of nose deformity call for correction while breathing and respiratory disorders also require Rhinoplasty


Surgeons scrutinize the situation and decide on the necessity of the surgery. In case of nose job being planned for look enhancement, one has to wait for nose bone to completely form, which essentially happens in an age over 15 years.

Doctors show various angles of corrected nose superimposed on the person’s face to give him / her near perfect picture and assume long term look.

Medical history and excessive bleeding history will be checked

Various tests are conducted



Stay at the hospital for a day or two to monitor the results and blood loss and swelling in case there is any

Stitches will be monitored and removed after a week or two

Blood drain and bleeding besides short term memory and judgment issues will prevail

Physical activities should be avoided for some period

Intense brushing, hanging of spectacles on noses, eating and doing any activity that can trigger cold and running nose should be avoided



Desired shape of nose

Correction of deformities that may be congenital or due to accident

Relief from breathing and congestion problems

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