Piles Surgery


Piles are swollen veins causing severe pain inside the anus or lower rectum. They are also called haemorrhoids and they cause pain, bleeding and stress. These piles are very common and are caused by various reasons including stress due to bowel moments, pressure on veins during pregnancy in women, sitting longtime on the toilet seat, constipation, diet without or less fibre, to name a few. Three out of four adults are found to be suffering from piles. Haemorrhoids are removed through piles surgery which is a common procedure.

Piles can be both internal and externally located. Internal haemorrhoids are located inside the rectum lining and are mostly painless causing bleeding during bowels. External haemorrhoids are located inside the skin around the anus. These swells, bleed, create itching and pain during bowel moment.

Piles are very irritating and cause pain. At times they may also lead to clot which are not dangerous but severely painful effecting professional and personal life with severe stress. Severe pain and stress are felt while passing stool. Internal haemorrhoids may hurt the anus and the nerves in the region, while external haemorrhoids can cause dangerous blood clot also called thrombosis. In these situations when medication is not able to reduce the pain, timely surgery may be the ideal treatment for haemorrhoids to avoid further health complications.



Complete check-up

Admission on the same day

Usually, a test called Proctoscopy is done in the OPD with an instrument called proctoscope that examines anal cavity, rectum and colon.



You can recover faster from piles surgery if you eat more fibre food

Drink lots of waters daily

Use stool softener for no strain on the system

Consult a doctor for diet, fitness and lifestyle issues

Severe pain in rectum and anal will last for few days

A minimal amount of frank bleeding is possible, which would eventually subside. Report to the doctor in case of severity and prolonged bleeding



Relief from piles

Pain relief

Also piles surgery takes off stress and brings more mental relief making it easy to perform regular functions in personal and professional lives with more energy and enthusiasm

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