Ovarian Cystectomy Surgery

Ovarian Cystectomy is a surgery for ovarian cyst removal. The cyst can form on or inside the ovary. These cysts may be simple or complex. When the ovarian cysts are complex they carry blood and solid materials. Simple cysts are formed when ovary is not able to release the egg and the follicle in ovary continues to grow after the egg release. These cysts do not have any symptom while complex cysts can lead to cancer though most of the ovarian cysts are non-cancerous.

The ovarian cysts surgery is needed when symptoms trouble the affected person. These symptoms include pressure in lower abdomen, pain, vomiting and nausea when the cyst hurts the ovary. Frequent urination is also noticed often.

The ovarian cyst removal surgery is a common surgery done under the supervision of specialists.



Ovarian Cystectomy is conducted by gynec surgeons where they remove the cyst and keep the ovary unaffected. There may be complicated cases where ovaries may have to be removed, especially when the risk of ovarian cancer is high.

There are various types of ovary cyst removal surgery: Open surgery for ovary removal and laparoscopic ovarian cystectomy.

The surgery is done on general anesthesia and is done for two to three hours. Admission to hospital a day in advance is recommended

Though simple ovarian cysts are common and are not cancerous, the cysts formed after menopause increase the risk of ovarian cancer. These need to be thoroughly checked and removed through Ovarian Cystectomy for early prevention. The surgeon looks for the cyst or ovarian growth. Through a laparoscopic test, he establishes its presence. The doctor analyses the risk of cancer and safely removes it through Ovarian Cystectomy surgery.


Ensure thorough completion of required medical tests

Share medical history with doctor to check bleeding and other aspects

Fast a few hours before

Keep cool



Discharge after a day or two

Take care of incisions and stitches and check for bleeding

Avoid physical exertion for some days

Avoid sex for a few weeks

Ovary cyst removal surgery recovery time will happen for a few weeks if sufficient precautions are taken



Removal of cyst while keeping the ovary unaffected

Reduces risk of cancer

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