Mtp +Lap Tubectomy

Tubectomy is a sterilisation surgery for women done to permanently prevent the scope for pregnancy. Commonly referred to as female sterilization or permanent sterilization surgery, tubectomy is done by blocking fallopian tubes and preventing eggs from reaching the uterus for fertilisation. Tubectomy is also called tubal ligation. Tubectomy is done in multiple ways where the most popular method is laparoscopic sterilization surgery.



Tubectomy surgery is done with general anesthesia by the surgeon and the surgery takes place for two-three hours. Under the surgery, surgeons cut and fold the Fallopian tube and remove certain sections. Later they are blocked by bands and clips. The surgery, though complex, is done by specialists and efforts are taken to keep it safe and with least complications. Laparoscopic tubectomy is becoming more popular among non-pregnant woman currently. This is minimally invasive with small and least number of cuts. The surgery also takes not more than half hour while recovery is also much quicker. 

Socio-economic reasons and family decisions influence tubectomy surgery where couples decide to prevent pregnancy permanently. Tubectomy surgery is the most effective and safer way to permanently prevent pregnancy through permanent female sterilisation.


·         Discuss with complete clarity and transparency with the family members and seek clear instructions and opinions from the doctor

·         Provide information about medical history especially sexually transmitted diseases, if any

·         A day in advance admission into hospital is recommended to undergo medical tests and ensure there are no fluctuations in blood pressure and sugar levels and ECG


·         Discharge after tubectomy can happen on the same day or at the most the next day

·         Pain will sustain for some days and kindly seek doctor’s advice for relief

·         Avoid tinkering with the incisions and be careful while bathing

·         Check if it is healing properly

·         Avoid lifting weights and physical strain for few weeks

·         Avoid sex for at least two weeks


·         Permanent prevention of pregnancy scope as desired

·         Decreased chances of ovarian cancer

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