Gallbladder Stone Removal Surgery - Cholecystectomy (Open)

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Gallbladder removal surgery, also called cholecystectomy, is an open surgery conducted to remove the gallbladder through the abdomen. The gallbladder is a small organ located below the liver. It stores the bile secreted by the liver that breaks down fats and is important for the digestion of food.


Gallbladder removal surgery is performed either by open cholecystectomy or laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Laparoscopic surgery is less invasive and does not need large incisions. There is less bleeding, recovery time short and hospital stay is generally shorter. However, in certain conditions where gallbladder complications are severe, open surgery may be preferred by the surgeons.


Did you know?

The surgery dates back to 17th century

Jean Lousis Petit is acclaimed as the first surgeon to perform gallbladder surgery

In India, the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy was performed in Mumbai in 1990

Gallbladder surgery is performed when patients suffer from gallstones or other complications. At times, the organ does not function efficiently because of the thickness of the bile that blocks the system. Also, the gallbladder develops gallstones when hard particles in the bile get stuck inside the gallbladder.

The gallstone disease is called cholelithiasis. The reason for the formation of stones cannot be determined, but it can be due to genetic factors and old age. In women, it may happen during pregnancy. The formation of gallstones cannot be stopped. These stones do not vanish naturally nor do they have symptoms. Surgical removal of the gallbladder is the safest method to treat the problem.

There are also several other medical issues such as pancreatic inflammation and gallbladder inflammation or cholecystitis which may necessitate gallbladder removal.

A doctor may also recommend cholecystectomy when the pain the abdomen becomes acute and there are other complications such as fever, nausea, bloating and jaundice spotted.

A high risk of gallbladder cancer is one of the reasons why surgeons recommend a cholecystectomy. It may be recommended in the case of organ transplant.

For women, gallbladder removal surgery is advised if they have been affected by gallstones in the past and are now trying to get pregnant. In order to prevent any pregnancy or post-pregnancy problems, gallbladder removal surgery is recommended.


Thorough medical investigations and checkup is important before surgery

You may be admitted to the hospital a day or two in advance depending upon the intensity of the situation.

Fasting and proper sleep are necessary the night before surgery

It is important to consult the surgeon about medication and supplements


The recovery after the cholecystectomy depends upon the kind of the surgery. In case of laparoscopic surgery, you may be discharged on the same day or after one day. If it is an open surgery, a two-day hospital stay is needed to monitor bleeding and other potential complications.

Proper care needs to be taken at home during the recovery phase. The only food that does not strain the digestive system should be consumed.

Do not resort to heavy physical exercise and stress

You may experience loose stool, and you are required to contact your doctor though this sets in the course of time



A cholecystectomy will ensure removal of gallbladder and eventually treats gallstone problems

It relieves pain and discomfort and provides a permanent solution in this direction. Other means to reduce the impact of gallstones are temporary and pose the risk of recurrence

After gallbladder removal surgery, there won’t be digestive problems as the gallbladder is not directly a part of the digestion process.

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