Cesarean Section Operation (LSCS)

Caesarean Section or C section is a surgery to bring the infant out of mother’s womb. Caesarian is a safe and common surgery and is performed when there are difficulties in traditional delivery or if either the mother or the child or both face risks. Caesarian deliveries can be planned in advance and are called elective Caesarian surgery. Due to risks and complications, emergency Caesarean surgeries are also performed during labour.

Did you know?

It is believed that the name Caesarian came from Julius Caesar who is believed to be born through this surgery. However, the belief has not been validated by historians. The word is also believed to be taken from Latin word caedare which means cut.


A Caesarian operation is planned in advance or as advised by the doctor during an emergency. Incisions are made by surgeons near the abdomen and uterus and the infant is removed from it. The surgery may take 20-30 minutes with prior planning. In case of an emergency, Caesarian procedures may take a few minutes.

Need for surgery

There are several reasons why Caesarian deliveries have to be performed:

  • Mother’s health problems and disorders including high blood pressure during pregnancy, diabetes, cardiac problems

  • Problems in labour

  • Problems with oxygen supply to the baby

  • If the feet of the baby are coming out first (breech)

  • Development problems in baby

  • Pregnancy complications during the early stages

  • There are several other reasons that the gynecologist may be able to detect

  • If Caesarian surgery was performed during earlier pregnancies.


In case of advance planning or gynecologist’s recommendation, complete instructions should be followed including checkups for blood pressure, diabetes, blood group and heart issues. If caesarian surgery for pregnant women is planned pre-term for various reasons, baby’s lung maturity test will have to be conducted and steroid injections given as per requirement.

  • Hospital admission a day before the surgery

  • Follow doctor’s advice on fasting and medication


  • Post surgery, hospitalization may be required for two or three days depending on the condition of both mother and the baby

  • In case of pain, the doctor will prescribe appropriate medication

  • The recovery from Caesarion surgery is faster when compared to traditional delivery

  • Be in touch with your gynecologists for complications, clots and other issues

  • Support your abdomen

  • Take ample rest at home

  • Avoid sex for a few weeks


Safe delivery


Caesarian is risky: No, in fact C section is performed when the risk from normal delivery is high

C section may affect breast feeding: No

You can schedule C section as per your choice: While they can be planned in advance, it is not recommended to stretch it beyond a week after the due date.

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