Breast Augmentation Surgery - Mammoplasty-Breast Augmentation

[ Cosmetic surgery for breast, Implants surgery .]

Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure, medically referred to as mammoplasty. It is a plastic surgery to insert implants into breasts to increase their size and alter the shape and texture. The Breast Augmentation procedure is basically a reconstruction surgery and is also done post mastectomy, which is a surgical procedure to remove one of more breasts partially or completely as a treatment for breast cancer. In order to rebuild and reconstruct augmentation mammoplasty or breast augmentation surgery is performed.

Breast Augmentation procedure is done through implants or by taking tissues from other parts of the body, which is called flaps.

Did you know? In most women, the size of one breast may differ from the other

The prehistoric cave drawings showed women in large breasts, probably reflecting the fashion of those days

The first breast implant took place during the First World War in Japan as an underground activity to woo Americans with the belief that they loved big breasted women. The,n fluids made of paraffin wax and silicone were injected into breasts.

Breast Augmentation surgery is performed for various reasons. One of the most important and foremost reasons can be reconstruction owing to breast cancer treatment. For others, it is the enhancement of aesthetic appeal and image.

Post pregnancy too, women may feel the need to get their breasts readjusted.

Pre surgery

Share past history and documents with your surgeon before the surgery

Ensure admission into hospital a day in advance


Soreness and swelling post breast augmentation surgery will last for a few days

Scars post mammoplasty will take time to fade

You may experience pain for which your doctor may prescribe painkillers

Follow your surgeon’s advice to get back to work

Take care of your breasts while healing and avoid any pressure post surgery

If you notice redness, contact your doctor to avoid fever and infections


Change in shape, size and texture of breasts

Desired reconstruction that is very important to sustain confidence and image of women who might have experienced trauma due to breast cancer.

Also an enhanced self-esteem for women.

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