Eye Phacoemulsification Surgery


In case of advance planning or gynecologist’s recommendation, complete instructions should be followed including checkups for blood pressure, diabetes, blood group and heart issues. If caesarian surgery for pregnant women is planned pre-term for various reasons, baby’s lung maturity test will have to be conducted and steroid injections given as per requirement.

·         Hospital admission a day before the surgery

·         Follow doctor’s advice on fasting and medication

·         Relax and maintain coolness



·         Stay at hospital may be there for two or three days depending on the condition of both mother and the baby

·         Pain will be there and doctor will suggest relief

·         Ceasarian surgery recovery is faster and walking or moving a bit will make it easier

·         Kindly be in touch with your gynecologists for complications, clots and other issues

·         Support your abdomen amply

·         Take ample rest at home

·         Avoid sex for a few weeks



Safe delivery



Caesarian surgery is risky: No, in fact Caesarian surgery is performed when the risk factor of normal delivery is high

Caesarian delivery may effect breast feeding: No

You can schedule Caesarian surgery as per your period choice: while they can be planned in advance, it is not recommended to stretch it beyond a week after the due date

The lens inside the eye is generally clear. It is made up of water and protein. It focuses light on retina and adjusts eye focus which helps us see things from a distance and from very near too. As we age, the protein inside lens accumulates and becomes a cloudy area called cataract affecting our vision. Besides age, diabetes, sun rays, hypertension, eye injuries, overweighing and genetic reasons also lead to cataract. Cataract cannot be ignored because it causes loss of eyesight and difficulty in facing bright lights. This makes cataract surgery important. Also, it is wiser to go for cataract surgery at the earliest to avoid furthermore complications to the eye. These complications cause problems to daily life and lifestyle affecting work, family life and driving.


·         Carry all medical examinations as suggested by the eye doctor

·         Certain medicines will be stopped by the doctor, please follow

·         Use eye drops to reduce chances of infections

·         Be relaxed and keep cool

·         Fasting may be suggested by the doctor, follow accordingly

·         Discuss different types of lenses with eye doctor to know which one suits best



·         You will be discharged normally on the same day after the cataract removal surgery

·         Certain checkups should be done to assess the condition of your eye and its interiors

·         Lens clarity should be checkedc

·         Be in touch with the eye specialist during surgery recovery time for precautions and post-surgery complications

·         Some itching and discomfort will go off after some days

·         Wear an eye patch or shield to protect your eye for some days, check with eye doctor

·         Take more vitamin C foods that are good for the eye

·         The cuts will heal without any stitches



·         Cataract surgery improves vision

·         The fear of blindness will go

·         Colours will look brighter due to new lenses



Cataracts come back: No, they are not growths

Cataract surgery is dangerous: Cataract surgery is safest and simplest

Cataract surgery takes long period to recover: Patients will recover immediately after the cataract surgery


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