Arthroscopic Surgery

Arthroscopic knee surgery is a procedure that is conducted to treat problems in knee joints. Arthroscopy helps the surgeon diagnose and treat several knee problems such as kneecap and torn meniscus. Even the ligaments of the joints can be treated through Arthroscopy. For joint problems, knee arthroscopy is a proven and effective surgical procedure.

Knee arthroscopy is performed via an advanced laparoscopic procedure where the surgeon makes a small incision or cut to insert a tube with video camera. The video camera monitors the damage done to the knee. Even the wafer-thin damages and those as light as they can be, are effectively repaired through the advanced arthroscopic knee surgery

In medical terms, a meniscal tear that causes pain in the knee and other knee problems. Meniscus is a rubber like material or cartilage cushioning the area between thigh bone and skin bone. This tear can happen while in action, especially sports, and can cause the following symptoms:

Pain and swelling in the knee

Knee locking and stiffness

Unstable knee

This meniscal tear and associated knee problems can be treated through arthroscopic knee surgery.

Arthroscopic knee surgery is performed for one to two hours by orthopedic surgeons.

In sports medicine and sports health management, arthroscopic knee surgery is favored for treating baseball players in America, football players in Europe to cricketers in the Subcontinent

Did you know?

Professor Kenji Takagi of Japan conducted the first arthroscopy in Tokyo way back in 1919

Shoaib Akthar, the Rawalpindi Express of Pakistan and pace machine, underwent arthroscopic surgery in 2006

Our own Bollywood Badshah Shahrukh Khan underwent the surgery and still doing great

The intensity of knee pain and stiffness may call for surgery despite having explored other options. The arthroscopic knee surgery is the most effective procedure if the following medical complications are either seen or are aggravating:

Damage to cartilage

Ligament tear

Inflammation in join linings

Scars in joints

Fractures in knee bones

Besides knees, the joint conditions can need surgery in the following body parts:






Misaligned patella or the knee cap is also corrected through arthroscopic knee surgery


Avoid any medications as per your doctor’s advice

Avoid exercises to minimize pre-surgery complications

Fasting may be advised a day before the surgery

Wear loose and comfortable clothing post-surgery


You will experience pain for a few days and the doctor prescribe pain killers

Stiffness and swelling needs to be monitored

Follow your doctor’s advice before exercising or getting back to work or driving

Use support while walking to feel comfortable

You may be advised physiotherapy

Normalcy is generally seen after four to six weeks when the joint fluid is restored


Relief and rejuvenation of knees

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