Abdomino perineal resection - Abdomino perineal resection

[ APR, Surgery for cancer rectum.,Surgery for cancer rectum and Anus ]

This is a test Abdomino perineal resection

Abdomino perineal resection

Abdomino perineal resection

2-3 hrs .

It is a surgery which involves creation of a permanent colostomy . Why ? In patients suffering from cancer Rectum ( The terminal part of the intestine where stools accumulate to be evacuated ) surgeons try their best to preserve the anus and avoid permanent colostomy but if the cancer is too low and does not allow enough margin to give adequate clearance APR is done . mainly done in Distal Rectal cancer with not much of a response for chemoradiotherapy. -Anal melanomas and other anal tumours .

your doctor will explain you about this in detail

Neo adjuvant chemoradiotherapy is given to down size the tumor and a circular stapler is used and maximal effort is usually put to save the sphincters . Robotic surgery.

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