Appendicitis is inflammation of the appendix. The appendix is a pouch that protrudes from the colon on the lower right side of the abdomen, located at the spot where the small and large intestines meet. The most common cause for acute appendicitis is obstruction inside the appendix due to mucus or hard stools called fecolith. An obstruction also develops due to tumor and trauma. Appendicitis causes severe pain and the inflammation causes unbearable bouts of pain. Nausea, lack of appetite, fever, constipation or diarrhoea and abdominal bloating also are seen as symptoms.

Some people may experience burning a sensation while urinating along with appendix pain, as an inflamed appendix irritates the uterus. Appendicitis symptoms generally begin with fever and pain, which aggravates and spreads to the lower abdomen. This becomes acute appendicitis leading to severe pain.

Appendicitis in children needs to be addressed on an emergency basis and appendectomy should be immediately prioritized. Appendicitis in adults is very common and also needs to be addressed urgently.

Did you know: Katrina Kaif, Shruti Hassan, singer Elton John underwent Appendix surgery while Randeep Hooda had Appendicitis attack while shooting for Sultan. So, don’t panic, Appendicitis is common and curable. Appendectomy has been the subject of several jokes on the internet, and the reason is simple: people do not understand what and where the appendix is located and what its functions are. So, they feel it has no purpose, but the fact is it is an organ whose presence and absence both make a difference. We only notice the difference in its absence but during its presence, it is a silent performer!

The intensity of the symptoms increase, leading to unbearable pain. Appendicitis needs to be treated promptly with surgery, without which the appendix may rupture leading to fatal complications. Fecal matter can fill the abdomen, posing a major risk. Abscess formation is also possible.

A word about appendix burst:

A ruptured appendix has to be particularly taken care of as it is life-threatening. It is a critical situation where the appendix is infected and the bacteria spread rapidly. The inflammation can cause pus increasing the blood pressure and appendix burst. Though the appendix burst can bring relief, it is temporary and leads to other complications.


Hospitalization may be advised on the same day or a day in advance, depending on the case

Tests will be carried out


You may be discharged on the same day or at the most after an extra day

Your bowel moments and pain will be under observation

Recovery will take one or two weeks

You will be advised to not lift heavy objects for a certain period of time

You must avoid foods that are difficult to digest

Check with your doctor for post-appendicitis surgery complications


Appendectomy will relieve pain and other symptoms


The appendix has no purpose in the human body: Appendix maintains bacterial balance in the human body and boost immunity

Excessive exercise causes appendicitis: No

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