·         Eye chalazion is a small, generally painless swollen bump inside the upper or lower eyelid.

·         The condition is caused due to blockage of an oil gland in the eyelid.

·         Initially, it is difficult to make out that you have a chalazion eye, because there is no or very little pain.

·         Gradually as the chalazion in eye grows, the eyelid becomes swollen and appears red.

·         This causes eyelid infection.

·         If the size of the Chalazion keeps increasing, it can cause blurry vision.

·         An eye chalazion is usually confused with an eye stye. Eye stye is very painful as compared to eye chalazion.

·         It is advisable that you see a doctor in both the cases.


·         Eye chalazion is caused due to blocked oil gland (meibomian gland) in the eyelid.

·         The oil produced by this gland helps to keep the eye moistened.

·         Eye chalazion is common amongst people suffering from inflammatory conditions, infections near the eye, eyelid infection and viral conjunctivitis.


·         Bump-like swelling on the eyelid.

·         Gradual increase redness and swelling.

·         Blurred vision.

·         Gradual pain in the swollen eyelid.


·         Generally the eye chalazion can be treated by using antibiotic ointments and eye drops.

·         Warm compresses are also used to heal and unblock the blocked oil gland.

·         Injecting corticosteroids to the affected area is also an option.

·         However if the eye chalazion continues to increase and doesn’t heal, then the eye doctor (ophthalmologist) will recommend to treat the chalazion in eye surgically.

·         Chalazion surgery will be needed to suppress the bump and unblock the oil gland, which will treat the blurred vision and prevent any future eye infections.


·         Ensure that the patient’s blood pressure is normal, if any imbalance then he must let the doctor know at prior.

·         Pre-inform your doctor about all the pills that you are taking; these can include vitamins, hormone replacement pills, aspirin etc.

·         Aspirin should not be taken one week before the operation because it is a blood-thinner and can promote unnecessary bleeding.

·         Your doctor should be well aware about your past medical history.





·         The eye surgeon will numb the area with a local anesthesia and will then make a small incision to drain out the contents from the swollen bump.

·         Little pressure is applied so that the content from the bump-like lesion oozes out.

·         The incision is usually made from under the eyelid so that there is no visibility of any scar.

·         If the bump is small there is no requirement of stitches, however otherwise small fine stitches maybe done.

·         The contents collected may be sent to pathology for further investigation if the eyelid infection is more or the severity of eye chalazion is high.


·         Post chalazion surgery minor pain in the operated area can be encountered with the help of prescribed painkillers.

·         The eye will be covered by a pad like bandage which prevents any post-operation blood leakage; this will be removed after 6-8 hours of operation.

·         The patient must strictly ensure that water does not enter the eye for at least 7-10 days.

·         The patient can go home after the surgery, the same day itself.

·         Eye drops will be given in order to prevent any eye infection and swelling.

·         If stitches are taken, they will be removed after 5-7 days of operation.

·         The patient can completely resume to routine schedule after 2 days (it can be resumed after the day of the operation itself but it is advisable to not hurry and give at least a rest of 2 days.)

·         Wearing contact lenses and eye make-up must be avoided for at least 8 weeks.

·         If there is any reoccurrence of the chalazion in the same eye, then the removed tissue must be sent for checking of any suspicious tumor-like growth.

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