1) What is Caremotto?

Caremotto is India's first dedicated portal where patients can learn about and schedule surgical procedures at our exclusive network of partner hospitals. Started by highly experienced healthcare professionals and engineers, Caremotto aims to help patients make well-informed decisions and plan their treatments to ensure healthy lifestyle. We aspire to make the healthcare industry more transparent by bringing in choice and clarity to the decision-making process.

2) How does Caremotto work?

Call our helpline at 040 – 4646 5656 and speak to our Care Advisers, who are trained to assist you in going about your medical procedure.

3) Where should I pay my surgery bill? Does Caremotto charge patients?

You should pay your bill at the hospital. Caremotto does not charge patients.

4) Are Caremotto’s services free for patients?

Yes, Caremotto's services are completely free for our patients. Patients have to pay only the surgery cost at the hospitals.

5) How do I sign in?

You need a registered account for logging in to Caremotto. Please click the link to Register (or) sign in.

6) What if I want to cancel my appointment?

Appointments are booked with prior consultation of doctors so they cannot be cancelled.

7) How do I upload my documents?

You can upload your documents from your Caremotto account.

8) How can I book my surgery?

Call us at 040 – 4646 5656 and we will guide you.

9) What about liability?

Caremotto is a portal that gets patients the best deal for surgical procedures. We are not liable for any untoward incident that might occur during or after the treatment at any hospital. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

10) The surgery I want to undergo is not on Caremotto’s list

Call us at 040- 4646 5656. Our Care Advisor will assist you.

11) Can I trust Caremotto with my information?

Caremotto and its affiliates respect your privacy. You are advised to read the Privacy Policy carefully.

12) How do I know that my surgery has been booked?

You will receive a confirmation e-mail, SMS and a call from our Care Advisor.

13) What if the hospital cancels my surgery appointment?

You will be notified via e-mail, SMS and a call from our Care Advisor.