“Let’s support the needy to help them lead a healthy life -Power of Crowdfunding

- Crowdfunding -

Crowdfunding is an increasingly popular tool in the social sector to collect donations from supporters for campaigns of all sizes for funds. Caremotto’s uses crowdfunding to support their mission to provide affordable healthcare for all who are not capable to support their unanticipatedmedical crisis.

We have partnered successfully with Milaap, ImpactGuru and Ketto to raise funds for various cases that were life threatening.

- Success Stories -

Dedicated parent’s effort to save their prematurely born baby girl

Crowdfunding Partner:Milaap

Funds raised: Rs 4,48,228

42-year-old Ram Chand’s struggle to undergo a liver transplantto support his family

Crowdfunding Partner: Milaap

Funds raised: Rs 4,89,883

Devoted parent’s crowdfunding initiative for Karthikeya’s cochlear Implant Surgery

Crowdfunding Partner: Impact Guru

Funds raised: Rs 1,23,157

Sathwik received Liver Transplant with the kind support of 1495 donors

Crowdfunding Partner: Ketto, Milaap

Funds raised: Rs 22,85,000

- Crowdfunding Partners -

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