What's the buzz about healthcare IoT?

For an industry that is still very much in its infancy, the promise & potential that the healthcare IoT sector holds is apparent by its $410 billion projected evaluation by 2022 (according to a report by Grand View Research). It is estimated that 20 billion healthcare IoT devices will be connected to the internet by that time.

The world is shifting the healthcare paradigm from reactive to proactive. How do healthcare IoT devices fit into this picture? Is this unprecedented growth as an industry the result of immense potential, or is it just a ripple in the larger healthcare shift?

With the increased penetration of sensors, smartphones, easy & cheap internet access as well as the global movement to educate people about protecting themselves from fatal disorders i.e. preventive healthcare, this was indeed an opportune moment.

As is with the integration of any technology into a sector, the motive of healthcare IoT devices was to make things swifter, easier & a lot less complicated for all stakeholders involved. In healthcare, it also brings the advantage of conveying crucial information in real time, protecting & even saving patients’ lives, all while keeping them informed & engaged in their own well-being.

Of course, preventive healthcare is only a single application of the infinite possibilities with healthcare IoT. Today, we’re looking at healthcare IoT devices enable facilitation of remote healthcare – where you and your doctor could be a thousand miles from each other, but they could check your pulse with just as much accuracy.

We’re seeing healthcare IoT devices help diabetes patients manage their glucose levels better, cholesterol patients control their lipid levels & inspiring people to make important lifestyle changes, which are the only way to tackle these chronic disorders in the long term.

We’re seeing elderly or bed ridden patients receive constant care from qualified practitioners, who have insight into their condition as intimately as they would in an ICU setting.

We’re seeing nifty healthcare IoT devices signal individuals that they are at risk for a medical emergency, when they experience symptoms they could have passed off as mere discomfort otherwise.

The best part is, the technology is so young & we’re only getting started!

Healthcare IoT devices offer an opportunity to improve disease management, patient experience & the overall health outcomes like never before.

By enabling remote monitoring & homecare, we’re bound to see a drastic reduction in out-of-pocket expenses by patients in the long run. By preventing lifestyle & chronic diseases, the financial burden of treating several diseases stands to witness an unprecedented fall. It is no surprise that healthcare insurance providers are enthusiastically promoting the adoption of wearable healthcare IoT devices.

With the endless benefits healthcare IoT devices offer to patients in particular, it was only natural for us at Caremotto to aspire to bring this technology to our patients. Over the past couple of months, we have been in the process of developing a revolutionary wearable IoT device – one that will change the way we approach preventable diseases, emergency healthcare & lifestyle disorders as a whole.