- Caremotto Story -

We all talk about “affordable healthcare” and caremotto is our attempt at bringing it to reality.

“The idea of caremotto shaped in my mind while I was working with NIMS and realised that most people do not even know which doctor they need to approach for their ailments. Many would agree that gambling with healthcare is a dangerous idea. Patients often go for something called treatment shopping. Unlike window shopping in a mall, treatment shopping is an expensive proposition. So people often visit multiple doctors in multiple hospitals before taking a decision on surgery or a treatment procedure. And some people just do not know what to do. “- Niranjan Ravuri, Founder, Caremotto

Caremotto is India's first dedicated portal where patients can schedule surgical procedures at our exclusive network of partner hospitals. We help patients find the best doctors at state-of-the-art hospitals for consultations and surgeries at competitive prices.

Our aim is to assist patients make well-informed decisions and plan their treatments. Through us, patients save time, energy, money and the emotional labour that goes into finding a doctor suited for them. With personalized care at the Centre of our approach, we enable our patients to take control of their health decisions and go through the process stress-free. Put simply, we emphasise the "care" in healthcare.

Our mission

To make affordable healthcare accessible to all

Our essence

Connect patient to right doctor, right hospital and assist with personalized financial options.

Our promise

Enable budget friendly treatment with no compromise on quality

Our vibe

Promote a new patient-centric healthcare model


Dr.Niranjan Dr Niranjan Ravuri

Founder & CEO

Dr Niranjan is the founder and CEO of Caremotto, which he started with Dr Nivedita in 2016. Dr Niranjan drives the company’s strategy to enable patients make well-informed health decisions and involved in innovating future growth opportunities. He is also working on a predictive and preventive healthcare system using IOT and AI based technology that will be a game changer in healthcare.

Dr. Niveditha Dr Niveditha Ravuri


Dr Niveditha is the co-founder of Caremotto and leads the processes that will help Caremotto deliver uniquely according to its mission. She oversees the current systems, the teams that enable Caremotto to function including Customer Experience, Payments, technology development, operations, affiliations and company’s legal policy.

Our Team

Srinivasan Srinivasan S

Vice President, Sales

Srinivasan plays a leading role in driving key strategic initiatives across the various services offered by Caremotto to drive sales. He has been responsible for business engagement and operational strategies with respect to business development, customer feedback and employee experience.

Ayush Kumar Ayush Kumar

Operations & BI Manager

Ayush leads the daily operations at Caremotto, including sales, payments and partner engagement. He is responsible for converting the “Care” motto to reality by direct customer engagement for their needs.

Ayush Kumar Kriti Bhola

Digital Transformation Lead

Kriti leads our technical team and is responsible for designing Caremotto’s underlying technology. Her focus is to plan and implement technical infrastructure- website, applications and mobile apps to support company’s mission by making healthcare available through all technological platforms.