About Caremotto

Caremotto is India's first dedicated portal where patients can learn about and schedule surgical procedures at our exclusive network of partner hospitals. Started by highly experienced healthcare professionals and engineers, Caremotto aims to help patients make well-informed decisions and plan their treatments to ensure high-quality outcomes. We aspire to make the healthcare industry more transparent by bringing in choice and clarity to the decision-making process.

We help patients find the best doctors at state-of-the-art hospitals for second opinions as well as surgeries at competitive prices, before taking a decision that suits their expectations and budget. Through us, patients save time, energy, money and the emotional labour that goes into finding a doctor suited for them. With personalized care at the Centre of our approach, we enable our patients to take control of their health decisions and go through the process without stress. Put simply, we emphasise the "care" in healthcare. Let's welcome a new era of patient-centric healthcare.


Founder & CEO

I am a Surgeon by passion and an entrepreneur by choice. I am interested in fixing problems, both health and healthcare related. I was awarded the Professor Sambandam Memorial Gold Medal in 2014.

Dr.Niranjan Dr Niranjan Ravuri


I am a pediatrician by profession and an entrepreneur by passion. I have worked in various tertiary care centers, both in Chennai & Hyderabad. I worked very closely with spastic society of India rehabilitating children with special needs.

Dr. Niveditha Dr Niveditha Ravuri

Our Team

Vice President

I have been successful in creating distribution across different industries and nurturing many talents. Challenges have always got the best out of me and have learnt several lessons which is relevant even today.


Srinivasan S

Operations & BI Manager

As Manager Operations, Ayush works towards realizing the company’s dream of guiding the Patients with wise choices through a network of doctors & hospitals who believe in quality & affordable health care.

Ayush Kumar Ayush Kumar


Patient Support


Neethu. Gm


Meenakshi. A